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    OK Guys, the season is o"fish"ally open. Joe's caught his first fish of the season today . Down on beat 2 , between 11am and 2pm, weather mild and slightly cloudy. LOTS of flies, mainly LDO duns, hatching and plenty of fish rising. Too clumsy with first 3 takes, then one was rising in the quiet zone of a lovely riffle area. A hard take on a size 14 dark olive klink (debarbed) and it was on, a 12'' beauty, with substantial girth, in great condition, and it wasn't going nowhere without a fight. My goodness, it doesn't get any better. I don't normally take pics as I like to get them back in quick, but first of the season, I couldn't resist. Saw several dippers, yellow wagtails, and a heron on the prowl. Took one smaller fish around 8'' then time for home. - Happy days .