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    Hi Happy to keep challenging and keep awareness of permits / club membership as a member and advising that they can't fish eithout a permit etc. Personally I wont be asking anyone to leave the water (do club members have the authority to insist on this anyway?). I continued conversation with two of these guys at my car so dont want to risk damage to my property as could be a distinct possibility going by the types I've met. Same with calling the police , I'll only call if threatened. At minimum we should all be reporting in on this thread on how many people we are finding without permits, or who refuse to show them. That way the club can present this tally to the police at the meeting. So far my tally is 5 Sounds like Colins met a few too. Lets all report in and quantify so we can present the extent of the problem to the police. Cheers Alan
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    Alan Cramond Angling Club have a meeting with Police Scotland and the Forth District Fisheries Board on the 24th July. At the meeting the issue around non permit holders will be addressed. The Police have already stated that they are keen to get involved with the club in going forward with spot checks and are already checking when they have free staff to carry out this task. The FDFB will be present also but they have their hands tied as they currently are short of numbers to patrol the whole of the district. I will keep you up to date with the progress. following the meeting. In the meantime can you continue to check persons for their permit and if they refuse to leave or give you any abuse please call 101 and report it. Unless we start reporting this through 101 the police wont think that there is any problem. Many thanks Cramond Angling Club