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  1. Thanks Colin just get lucky now and again... no I don't give lessons I wouldn't consider myself qualified just a hobby for my days off.

    Was down again today . Went and fished beat 3 again not much happening . 3 fish two to dries and my first of the season on a nymph.

  2. Been down 3-4 times so far had fish each time though hatches have been brief and risers few and far between. Today best fish was a beauty at 3lb on the nail roll on May. 

  3. Was down today was quite good a good number of fish to dries the east wind helped a lot with presentation.


    now a major rant;

    today a supposed club member of which I've seen before on the river stormed down my pool spooking my pool then asking me first where I was from , I replied Linlithgow then to see my permit  Which I said sure . He then said I doesn't matter then said you'll probably get asked by a committee member further upstream. I then walked upstream when he once again walked past the pool as I was covering the fish . I asked him if he wouldn't mind keeping a distance, as it's only common angling courtesy. His reply was I can walk where I like and if you don't like it go back to Linlithgow. I don't know whether this person has had run ins with people from Linlithgow in the past , but his people skills are atrocious, manners non existent To be honest  I think he's a bit territorial about that Kirkliston stretch of the almond I've met him briefly before only to hear I was here first which was fair enough so I moved further upstream giving . any way I don't think it's a good idea that people which ain't willing to treat fellow person with respect to go around asking people for permits. Rant over. 


    Colin w

  4. We update . Was on beta 2 and 3 today,  amazing hatch  of fly , I've lost a couple of  b ruisers in the last week today's maybe between 2 and half maybe 3 , both went into the bank side willows. :( I tried Tom apply some siside strain but on both occasions fly parted . Never mind . Loving fishing the river at ghe moment plenty of fish to cast at of a good average size and the clarity is fantastic.

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  5. Was up again today got there for about 12 ish  the hatch a wee bit slower  but had thd odd riser from the off took fish on klinkhammers and CDC,s . It's looking like a  really good season on the river , had another just under the two pound mark today plenty over the pound too. Still looking for that big fella on the feed.

  6. Had a good day on the river today came across some really nice fish landed two of them the best of them 2 1/4 lb to a size 14 klinkhammer . There was one tight to a tail of a pool I really should have done better with  dragged kicked in if this rain doesn't colour up the water I'll try again tomorrow, if not I'll be heading for the coast.