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  1. OK Guys, the season is o"fish"ally open. Joe's caught his first fish of the season today .

    Down on beat 2 , between 11am and 2pm, weather mild and slightly cloudy. LOTS of flies, mainly LDO duns, hatching and plenty of fish rising.

    Too clumsy with first 3 takes, then one was rising in the quiet zone of a lovely riffle area. A hard take on a size 14 dark olive klink (debarbed)  and it was on, a 12'' beauty, with substantial girth, in great condition, and it wasn't going nowhere without a fight. My goodness, it doesn't get any better. 

    I don't normally take pics as I like to get them back in quick, but first of the season, I couldn't resist.

    Saw several dippers, yellow wagtails, and a heron on the prowl. 

    Took one smaller fish around 8'' then time for home. - Happy days .



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  2. Great to see new members using the forum, and getting some quality advice from Colin and Richy on the fishing.

    I would reitterate Colins point about safety when wading. Always take a wading stick ,particularly if the water's up a bit, and don't take a step until you're sure you know the depth there. 

    Watch out at Kirkliston as some of the pools get VERY deep soft silt deposits later on which makes it  difficult to even pull you're foot out to take a step !

    Stay safe and tight lines.


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  3. Hi John (and any other members)

    All members should have received a link via email to the committee's Activity scheduler to allow all members the opportunity to say what things they would like to see happening in the coming season .

    One of these was evening on the river sessions (assuming there was an appetite for this from members),which is I think what you are looking for.

    I would urge all members to return their forms as soon as possible to me,  noting what activities they would like to participate in.

    Then the Committee can organise the stuff that people want.

    To date 3 responses (one from a committee member)

    As they say -use it or lose it!!

    Secretary Fishalmond