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    Was out earlier today for a couple of hours on beat 2. The water is very low but running nice and clear, lots of olives hatching along with some march browns and sedges, got 2 brownies both around half a pound, plenty still rising when I left so should be a good evening if you're out, tight lines.
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    OK Guys, the season is o"fish"ally open. Joe's caught his first fish of the season today . Down on beat 2 , between 11am and 2pm, weather mild and slightly cloudy. LOTS of flies, mainly LDO duns, hatching and plenty of fish rising. Too clumsy with first 3 takes, then one was rising in the quiet zone of a lovely riffle area. A hard take on a size 14 dark olive klink (debarbed) and it was on, a 12'' beauty, with substantial girth, in great condition, and it wasn't going nowhere without a fight. My goodness, it doesn't get any better. I don't normally take pics as I like to get them back in quick, but first of the season, I couldn't resist. Saw several dippers, yellow wagtails, and a heron on the prowl. Took one smaller fish around 8'' then time for home. - Happy days .
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    If you are fishing dries you can't go wrong with grey dusters, cdc f flies and any kind of olives....size 16's usually do the business for me and if the fish are fussy I will sometimes go down to size 18 and then 20. If the fish aren't rising I will usually try hares ears, pheasant tail nymphs and polish nymphs, sometimes with an invicta or silver march brown on a dropper, and I personally wouldn't use anything bigger than a 9ft 5wt rod on the Almond.....At present I am using a 9ft 4wt and will likely go down to a 3wt if the wind drops....the lighter the better as the Almond trout are very easily spooked. I use a 9ft 7lb tapered leader and attach around 4 or 5ft of 3lb flurocarbon to that with a 2mm leader ring. As far as the different Beats go it is probably better to fish Beat 3 just now if you want to try it as come the end of June, access to the water can be very difficult due to the vegetation on the bank which grows very high and thick. Beat 3 has some very big brownies and in my opinion is very good dry fly water. The lower Beats are relatively easier for access and can also produce some big fish but they can be busy with dog walkers. Lower beat 2 can be especially busy with kids in the summer holidays. Lower Beat 1 ...below Fair a Far Weir.. is where you have most chance of catching a salmon or sea trout but be prepared for an audience if you catch anything !!.....Teal Blue & Silver, Silver March Brown or Peter Ross for them usually work. Hope this helps guys.
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    Hi Happy to keep challenging and keep awareness of permits / club membership as a member and advising that they can't fish eithout a permit etc. Personally I wont be asking anyone to leave the water (do club members have the authority to insist on this anyway?). I continued conversation with two of these guys at my car so dont want to risk damage to my property as could be a distinct possibility going by the types I've met. Same with calling the police , I'll only call if threatened. At minimum we should all be reporting in on this thread on how many people we are finding without permits, or who refuse to show them. That way the club can present this tally to the police at the meeting. So far my tally is 5 Sounds like Colins met a few too. Lets all report in and quantify so we can present the extent of the problem to the police. Cheers Alan
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    Alan Cramond Angling Club have a meeting with Police Scotland and the Forth District Fisheries Board on the 24th July. At the meeting the issue around non permit holders will be addressed. The Police have already stated that they are keen to get involved with the club in going forward with spot checks and are already checking when they have free staff to carry out this task. The FDFB will be present also but they have their hands tied as they currently are short of numbers to patrol the whole of the district. I will keep you up to date with the progress. following the meeting. In the meantime can you continue to check persons for their permit and if they refuse to leave or give you any abuse please call 101 and report it. Unless we start reporting this through 101 the police wont think that there is any problem. Many thanks Cramond Angling Club
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    Nice one mate glad to hear you've had a good night on our river, keep it up!
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    Great night last night, pretty new to the almond so not sure what beat it was?. Very little to none activity to fish rising so decided to go on the gold headed pheasant tail nymph size 14 with great success netted 7 and lost 2. 3 of which where about 1 1/2lb rest where under the 1lb mark. Thanks guys
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    Great night on Beat 2 last night....River at a nice level and relatively clear with fish rising everywhere....10 to the net (average 8 to 10oz)... all on wee size 16 Olives apart from a couple on size 12 Olive Klinkhammers when dusk came. Many more lost and missed as per usual !
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    Out on Beat 2 yesterday afternoon.....fish rising in most of the deeper runs and pools.....to olives I think....I'm not that good on entomology.....water is very low but it's raining today so hopefully this will liven the river up a wee bit. Managed a few to the net....one of just over the pound.....big fat fish which fought like a demon......great sport on a 4wt !! As usual, loads lost, risen and missed. All fish taken on dries size 16 grey duster and lark and grey. Noticed the vegetation on the bank is growing fast further upstream towards the Airport, so if you want to fish Beat 3 better do it soon before access becomes too difficult. Tight lines to all who venture out in the next few days.
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    Hi Colin Sorry to hear that....there are always some who spoil things for others. You do know you are also fully entitled as a club member to look at his permit / id credentials if he asks you?
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    Great to see new members using the forum, and getting some quality advice from Colin and Richy on the fishing. I would reitterate Colins point about safety when wading. Always take a wading stick ,particularly if the water's up a bit, and don't take a step until you're sure you know the depth there. Watch out at Kirkliston as some of the pools get VERY deep soft silt deposits later on which makes it difficult to even pull you're foot out to take a step ! Stay safe and tight lines. Joe
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    Hi guys (and ladies?) , Eric from Aberdour here Just joining this year, looking forward to a new river, hope to pick your brains over the coming season. See you on the water. Tight lines!
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    Rory glad to hear I'm not alone, I already have some light tackle I bought years ago but never used . Hopefully I will get out soon . Maybe see you there. adam
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    Down on Beat 2 this afternoon for a few hours. The river is in great condition....running clear and at a nice level. A few fish rising for an hour or so. Managed 4 to the net and lost 3. Two of the fish well over the pound mark. All to the dry fly........2 on a size 16 grey duster and 2 on a size 16 light olive (with blue dun hackle and coq de leon tail). Also saw two kingfishers so looks like the river is coming to life again !
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    Was out yesterday and today , today been duller was a much better day for it . Had 8 today one yesterdy
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    For those interested, there was a wee bit on the redevelopment of the weirs and the salmon ladder at Fair o Far on Radio Scotland Out Of Doors programme this morning.... Lasts for about five minutes or so and is roughly about an hour or so into the programme. Basically just explaining how far they are into the process and how they are going to do it .....worth a listen for those with an interest in the river. I'll try and post a link to it later.........if I can !!
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    Today, the river was still quite high and coloured. On the plus side the council have been down on beat one clearing some of the vegetation and trees from the river bank giving better access. Still needs a few days to get down o better fishing water.
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    Club official opening day is Saturday the 4th of February. Why not join us for a barbecue and a dram. We will be kicking things off at 8:45am for a 9:00am start.
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    Fish seem to be bigger this year....Had a couple of crackers last week..one at around the 3lb mark and the other about 2 1/2lb on the same day. Also been snapped twice by big fish. Long may it last. The three pounder came to a Klinkhammer drifted blind down a fast riffle and almost bent the hook straight.
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    We update . Was on beta 2 and 3 today, amazing hatch of fly , I've lost a couple of b ruisers in the last week today's maybe between 2 and half maybe 3 , both went into the bank side willows. I tried Tom apply some siside strain but on both occasions fly parted . Never mind . Loving fishing the river at ghe moment plenty of fish to cast at of a good average size and the clarity is fantastic.
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    Been out about 3 or 4 times since start of the season infact was out just yesterday in the sun , some nice fat brownies had, nothing massive best 1 1/2 lb, but great fun , had them on a mixture of dries and nymphs.
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    I've had a few on the dries but nothing great...the usual 10/12oz. There's a big fish rising under the Brig which I have been trying to catch for the past two weeks...just can't get a good drift !!
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    not yet mate, but the river and the fish are in amazing condition for the time of year, hopefully you get out fishing soon, u will c what I mean.
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    Please remember to put your email addresses in your season ticket carefully. We need your email address to verify you as a member on the site, although it still can be done without an email address its a lot slower and harder to confirm. Thanks
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    We have finally managed to get our new website up and running. But this means that Everyone must sign up again. It will take some time to validate all users who have paid for the seasons membership (club members) But please be patient this will be all sorted in due course. Hopefully you enjoy and like the new site as much as we do. There is still lots of work to do on the website so please if you come across any issues report them in the forums Thanks Tight lines - The committee