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    Club official opening day is Saturday the 4th of February. Why not join us for a barbecue and a dram. We will be kicking things off at 8:45am for a 9:00am start.
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    Please remember to put your email addresses in your season ticket carefully. We need your email address to verify you as a member on the site, although it still can be done without an email address its a lot slower and harder to confirm. Thanks
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    We have finally managed to get our new website up and running. But this means that Everyone must sign up again. It will take some time to validate all users who have paid for the seasons membership (club members) But please be patient this will be all sorted in due course. Hopefully you enjoy and like the new site as much as we do. There is still lots of work to do on the website so please if you come across any issues report them in the forums Thanks Tight lines - The committee