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  1. For those interested, there was a wee bit on the redevelopment of the weirs and the salmon ladder at Fair o Far on Radio Scotland Out Of Doors programme this morning.... Lasts for about five minutes or so and is roughly about an hour or so into the programme. Basically just explaining how far they are into the process and how they are going to do it .....worth a listen for those with an interest in the river. I'll try and post a link to it later.........if I can !!
  2. Comes on at 1hr 1 minute 57 seconds.
  3. Stopped taking pictures a while back Alan....don't really see the point of loads of pictures of fish that I never look at after a day or two!!
  4. Fish seem to be bigger this year....Had a couple of crackers last at around the 3lb mark and the other about 2 1/2lb on the same day. Also been snapped twice by big fish. Long may it last. The three pounder came to a Klinkhammer drifted blind down a fast riffle and almost bent the hook straight.
  5. Davie McPhail pattern Alan.....Very time consuming and a bit of a faff to tie, but lethal on the Almond when the fish are feeding on the duns. If anyone catches these two fish I want my flies back ha ha. In all seriousness though, they are barbless so hopefully will work themselves out eventually.
  6. Out on Beat 4 yesterday...loads rising... had a a few fish, all on dries (Lark & Grey 14's &16's)....hooked two fish in the 2lb plus mark which both snapped my leader off!!
  7. I've had a few on the dries but nothing great...the usual 10/12oz. There's a big fish rising under the Brig which I have been trying to catch for the past two weeks...just can't get a good drift !!