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  1. Hi, how can ensure that I have my ticket for the start of the season. Fancy some early ST fishing (have done well in the past in Feb). I emailed the treasurer account but no reply? Thanks
  2. Thanks colin, If I firm up plans I'll get in touch for more info cheers Alan
  3. Anybody?
  4. I notice that the treasurer email doesn't work. Can someone advise where to send 2017 C&R's?
  5. Hi Bruce, Thanks for sharing your story. A trip down memory lane for you by all accounts. I've heard the names that you mention but have never met the people personally. I'm sure some members have and may comment on the thread at some point. I'm not a committee member but do take an interest in the river. I only target brown trout (mainly dry fly) and sea trout (dries and wets). For salmon I fish down the borders on larger rivers. However there are members who target salmon on the Almond and do quite well from what I've heard. Hopefully the barrier project will improve runs, open up spawning grounds etc. Nothing can better the complete removal of these structures as weirs are ecological disasters however having a good fish pass at each structure is a good start, and maybe all that can be hoped for. Tight lines Alan
  6. Hi Bruce, follow this link for details of the falls at Cramond, there is a sketch on p6 Follow this link for general.overview. The Kirkton weir fish pass on the Almond is already completed, I was up there yesterday. Visually, that it is more of a conventional fish pass i.e a concrete box. That one has the potential to open up miles of spawning grounds to more fish. Re the timing: my only thought is that there are budgets to be spent (the cost of the Almond barrier removals is massive) and timescales to spend it in, so maybe there was not the luxury to choose a date away from the main runs but not entirely sure. All for the greater good though.
  7. Thanks for photos. I suppose you cant make an omelette without breaking a few eggs however it would be good to have some info about the project; start / finish dates, whos running it, any restrictions on fishing, how the fish are being helped to their spawning grounds, what the agreement for restoring the river bed etc. I may well have missed it, so apologies if there has been a previous communication on this.
  8. Can anybody update on the new salmon ladder that they can share with the members? Has the work started, how long will it take, is the wall pool available for fishing during the work, what's the plans for assisting fish up over the falls (as we are getting into the time when more will be running), Alan
  9. Sounds great Colin it just shows whats around if you spend time on the river and you look hard enough. Unfortunately I'm just about to head off for hols but hoping we get some decent rain to temp more ST into the river for me getting back. I was down the coast near Musselburgh a few nights ago seeing if there was any mackerel around and saw a few sea trout in the salt water. Some were real beauties 6lb + so there are ST in the Forth estuary hopefully some will run the Almond
  10. Hi Happy to keep challenging and keep awareness of permits / club membership as a member and advising that they can't fish eithout a permit etc. Personally I wont be asking anyone to leave the water (do club members have the authority to insist on this anyway?). I continued conversation with two of these guys at my car so dont want to risk damage to my property as could be a distinct possibility going by the types I've met. Same with calling the police , I'll only call if threatened. At minimum we should all be reporting in on this thread on how many people we are finding without permits, or who refuse to show them. That way the club can present this tally to the police at the meeting. So far my tally is 5 Sounds like Colins met a few too. Lets all report in and quantify so we can present the extent of the problem to the police. Cheers Alan
  11. I'm not sure if Forth Fisheries have a bailiff that could do some spot checks for a while
  12. Unfortunately I've not been able to get out on the river much this year so have been deliberately targeting ST with light tackle, fly only. I'm convinced that you're more likely to get them on fly than by spinning. I've had more than a dozen over a 1lb in two nights which is good sport by any accounts. Just need to catch some bigger ones now. I've seen the odd 2 to 3 lber, not many but they are there
  13. Was on the river tonight, still plenty ST around willing to take a fly. Had a few nice ones again, all sea liced, and all in great condition, really thick set fish this year. There's an example of one I took out the water for a quick photo for the forum. Great fun on a fly rod
  14. I've been down past Cramond falls this week on two occasions (mon night and tonight). Both times there have been strangers fishing at the wall and apparently a person had just left after 'fishing with bait' at the ladder (I didn't actually see this person, only heard about him). I made a point of speaking to each of them and asked to see their permits, only one had a permit (a day ticket). I advised them all that they need a permit and pointed them to the website, not much more I could do, and they were generally polite. One seemed quite keen on the idea but we'll see. They were not together and didnt know each other so not a gang as such. It cant be a coincidence that the only two times I pass the wall pool, non permit holders are fishing. Is anyone else seeing this, anyone go down that way these days?