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  1. Alan Cramond Angling Club have a meeting with Police Scotland and the Forth District Fisheries Board on the 24th July. At the meeting the issue around non permit holders will be addressed. The Police have already stated that they are keen to get involved with the club in going forward with spot checks and are already checking when they have free staff to carry out this task. The FDFB will be present also but they have their hands tied as they currently are short of numbers to patrol the whole of the district. I will keep you up to date with the progress. following the meeting. In the meantime can you continue to check persons for their permit and if they refuse to leave or give you any abuse please call 101 and report it. Unless we start reporting this through 101 the police wont think that there is any problem. Many thanks Cramond Angling Club
  2. Hi Eric Welcome to the forum. Please feel free to ask any question (fishing related of course) and someone on the forum will try to answer you. cheers Richy
  3. Hi Adam Most rods from 3 weight right through to 7/8 weight are generally fine on the river although the lighter you go the better the fight of the fish in the river. remember that the fish in our river are wild fish and vary from a few ounces to a few pound. The hardest thing is finding the right fly. The information section has some tried and tested flies on it, but there is nothing better than getting out and trying some different patterns for yourself. Also talk to anyone you see down the river as most members are more than happy to help you out. Hope this helps, a bit anyway
  4. Hi John I Just stay around the corner from you and would be more than happy to take you up some of the pools and runs in the river. As there is over 8 miles to cover I think short sections at a tie would be a good idea. Just drop me an email and we can arrange something. Any one else that wants to come along or to help out is more than welcome.
  5. Today, the river was still quite high and coloured. On the plus side the council have been down on beat one clearing some of the vegetation and trees from the river bank giving better access. Still needs a few days to get down o better fishing water.
  6. Well after the recent rain and snow on the hills, river levels were up. The water was very coloured as you would expect. Levels have started falling and levels are good enough that we should hopefully start to see some fish coming into the system.
  7. Hi Guys, yes the 2016 application form is fine. Please make sure you include a self addressed stamped envelope with your application. Many thanks Richy Treasurer
  8. £35 General Adult £25 Senior Adult or in full time education. £10 Junior permit
  9. Hi Alan they are on sale now for the 2017 season.
  10. Hi Guys Was down at the waterfall area yesterday and the river was very low, if you have fished down at the waterfall pool you will know the two runs. The only run is the far bank one away from the wall. Only a few rising fish to be seen. Same in the car park pool two distinct runs one near side and the other on the far side again a few rising fish but nothing of any size.
  11. Loads of olives coming off the water in the last week, fish free rising all along the river. Some easier to get too than others. Had a few brownies nothing to write home about but good sport though. If the water stays like this for the next few days it will be even better.
  12. Noticed today the amount of Hawthorne flies up around the Airport, hopefully this is the start of the decent dry fly fishing