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  1. Brilliant Colin, thanks
  2. Oh and as per Colin. I had to invest in a pair of waders to get around the water in Kirkliston. Not sure what it's like in other areas.... Cheers Roru
  3. Hi Adam, I'm new to the Almond this year too and haven't fished any rivers since I was a kid! I'm using my stillwater setup at the moment (9'6" #6/7) and have been out a couple of times at the back of the airport (beat 3?). I naively tried to tempt out any really stupid fish with some of my bigger stillwater flies to no avail. As mentioned in a previous post there is a great list of "potential catchers" on the website and I promptly ordered a few small Goldhead Hares ears and diawl Bach's. Out again on Tuesday and was rewarded with my first Almond trout...Great wee fish around half a pound. I've not seen any rises yet so am trying to work out how besy to nymph fish on the river at the moment.... Still with the floating line, 10ft straight leader and two nymphs (one weighted) just now. If you find out anything else that works please let me know!!
  4. Hi folks, First time poster and new member here. I'd be very interested in this too but didn't get any email regarding any activites. Any chance someone on the committee could send a copy on to me and I'll complete it asap. Cheers Rory