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  1. Hey Colin, thanks for that, I shall come prepared. I'll check out the facebook page in the meantime, Best, Fraser.
  2. Afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Has anyone ventured out on the lovely river Almond this season? I'm due to come up for a week in early May, be nice to know how the water is looking. Hoping all is well among the Cramond Anglers... Best, Fraser.
  3. Interesting posts on Vietnamese takes on interior design, but any news of the river....? Hope everyone is well in the vicinity of the Almond. Best, F.
  4. Had a nice day yesterday pottering on Beat 1, from the cordoned off steps, to some of beat 2 just past the brig. Conditions were a bit blustery and the temperature had dropped a few degrees from Wednesday; saw very little rising (one or two above the parapet). Had one take to a small Diawl Bach which I missed, but I will be back next week for another go. Incidentally, does anyone know of a shorter route to the other side of the steps - that doesn't include walking in the river? Cheers, Fraser.