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  1. Thanks Colin just get lucky now and again... no I don't give lessons I wouldn't consider myself qualified just a hobby for my days off. Was down again today . Went and fished beat 3 again not much happening . 3 fish two to dries and my first of the season on a nymph.
  2. Been down 3-4 times so far had fish each time though hatches have been brief and risers few and far between. Today best fish was a beauty at 3lb on the nail roll on May.
  3. Cheers Colin, yes that occurred to me after the incident, it's fair enough asking for a permit but the hostile and unfriendly attitude isn't really necessary. Sod's law went over on my ankle lastnight so no wading for me for a while.
  4. Was down today was quite good a good number of fish to dries the east wind helped a lot with presentation. now a major rant; today a supposed club member of which I've seen before on the river stormed down my pool spooking my pool then asking me first where I was from , I replied Linlithgow then to see my permit Which I said sure . He then said I doesn't matter then said you'll probably get asked by a committee member further upstream. I then walked upstream when he once again walked past the pool as I was covering the fish . I asked him if he wouldn't mind keeping a distance, as it's only common angling courtesy. His reply was I can walk where I like and if you don't like it go back to Linlithgow. I don't know whether this person has had run ins with people from Linlithgow in the past , but his people skills are atrocious, manners non existent To be honest I think he's a bit territorial about that Kirkliston stretch of the almond I've met him briefly before only to hear I was here first which was fair enough so I moved further upstream giving . any way I don't think it's a good idea that people which ain't willing to treat fellow person with respect to go around asking people for permits. Rant over. Colin w
  5. Was out yesterday and today , today been duller was a much better day for it . Had 8 today one yesterdy
  6. Was down there yesterday for a walk , river looked good but I was there after hatch times so never saw any rising fish , there was a couple of lads spinning on the opposite bank.
  7. Hi , I don't seen the 2017 form on the site for download. Will the 2016 one suffice? Looking forward to a new season on the river. Colin
  8. We update . Was on beta 2 and 3 today, amazing hatch of fly , I've lost a couple of b ruisers in the last week today's maybe between 2 and half maybe 3 , both went into the bank side willows. I tried Tom apply some siside strain but on both occasions fly parted . Never mind . Loving fishing the river at ghe moment plenty of fish to cast at of a good average size and the clarity is fantastic.
  9. Was up again today got there for about 12 ish the hatch a wee bit slower but had thd odd riser from the off took fish on klinkhammers and CDC,s . It's looking like a really good season on the river , had another just under the two pound mark today plenty over the pound too. Still looking for that big fella on the feed.
  10. Had a good day on the river today came across some really nice fish landed two of them the best of them 2 1/4 lb to a size 14 klinkhammer . There was one tight to a tail of a pool I really should have done better with dragged kicked in if this rain doesn't colour up the water I'll try again tomorrow, if not I'll be heading for the coast.
  11. Been out about 3 or 4 times since start of the season infact was out just yesterday in the sun , some nice fat brownies had, nothing massive best 1 1/2 lb, but great fun , had them on a mixture of dries and nymphs.