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  1. Hi there Alan, I have been doing some further browsing around, and I see a report that there is an electro fishing Team, tasked with a weekly session, to electro fish the "trapped" fish (due to no access to the current fish pass) Has anybody seen them in action? Are they keeping a record of what fish they are re inserting above the Fair a Far waterfall? Does the Cramond Angling Club committee have access to that data? Can it , will it, be published in the News letter or elsewhere for anyone interested? I hope I'm not perceived as a meddler, being a non fishing member of this forum. I think It's wonderful and amazing that funds were able to be aquired for this £500,000 project. Let's hope it turns into a brilliant success over the next few years. I share your love of the trout fishing with dry flies, and am not averse to bead head nymphs and lures either. I have tied many hundreds of my own (successful) recipies over the years. Unfortunately I don't have many options available on my limited pension budget around the Chilterns where I now live. Tight lines Bruce
  2. Hi there Alan T Thank you very much for taking the time to respond, and so quickly too. That is quite an ambitious construction, but It looks like it should be pretty effective too. My back ground briefly: I was 23 years old when I last fished the almond in February 1968. In that month I left the UK shores and spent forty odd years in South Africa, where I got married. My wife and I returned to England in December 2010, and settled in the South East where the climes are a little warmer. I enjoyed many many a fishing session on the lower reaches and tidal sections of the Almond in my youth. I used to live in nearby Clermiston and would cycle down Drum Brae North via Barnton to Cadwell Close. It was quite a cycle back up again, I can tell you! My best fish was a seatrout of some 9.5 lbs. The scale count from the adipose fin to the lateral line determined it was a sea trout as opposed to the fewer number of scales of a salmon. I caught it on a number one mepps in half a spate. Tom Wallace was the volunteer Bailif and he lived in one of the Cadwell Close houses. i witnessed him catch an 18.5lb samon in the pool just below the ruined building. That was in early 1968. I tailed that fish with my bare hands.We called that the wall pool. I have down loaded your "cammo" drawing of the river and see it is still called the wall pool today. Another of the original members was Jimmy Dey. He was the head gardener on the Dalmany estate. I will soon be visiting him in Penrith where he lives on the Dalmain estate as a retired gamekeeper. i will enjoy bring him up to date, thanks to your fantastic, and informative response. From your own enthusiasm, I must assume that you have a role on the present committee? Tight lines Bruce
  3. I do think this is a strange time of the year to be tackling this project. I do hope the powers that be, have given a great deal of thought, about not disrupting the flow of migratory fish? Tight LineBruce
  4. Hi guys, I'm just wondering what the sketch/plan of the finished ladder will look like, please. I was one of the original committee members at the inaugural formation of the club when Mr Henshelwood was the original Crown permit holder. I was also heavily involved with the original coversion of the ramp into the current fish ladder. I now live in Buckinghamshire. I take my hat off to the current members and committee. I have been following your various expeditions up and down the waters. Tight Lines Bruce